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Orkut BETA

Few months ago, people got upset on FB privacy issues and some of them actually moved to Orkut. Few weeks ago, I re-enabled my Orkut account, and now I was just checking it. It’s so damn BUGGY. I know it’s not that used like FB, but I’ve heard it has a lot of users in Latin America, especially Brasil, and India. How can these people use this? The really annoying things I just discovered:
– there’s a default photo album called “Album de Radu”, which is not even romanian, ..WTF?! ..and the buggy part is, it can’t be renamed. I mean, it can be, but if you refresh the page, it will have the same “Album de Radu” name…
– randomly, links stop working, the main ones: home, profile, scraps.
– and I was thinking, after they sort out these issues, and probably many more others, they should make some “import friends from FB”. This should be an easy way to spam everyone there into making an Orkut account.
– and again, being Google and all that, there’s no contact e-mail for support, so, if you’re having problems, you better check forums, than actually receive some answer from Google.

I’m beginning to feel like Orkut is some kind of beta testing for an actual social network shit. I know they have a “BETA” in the icon of Orkut, but seriously, they’re testing this for too long. They should really add a working, less buggy version of Orkut, and then add features one by one, of course, with some TESTING FIRST, in a TESTING ENVIRONMENT, NOT live. And, like Buzz, it should have a way to connect sites to Orkut. Like, I’d like my friends on Orkut to see what I’m Buzz-ing about, what I post on Blogger, and so on. And Picasa Web and Picasa desktop should have a way to share pics from an album directly to Orkut, not the import thing you find here…I’m using the Linux desktop version of Picasa, and it should be nice to be able to share pics directly from it to Orkut, with or without posting them to Picasa Web Albums first.

[update #1]: Removing application: BUGGY! I’ve searched for a chess game, trying to find one I can play in orkut page, but I found some bullshit called “Crazy Chess Games Online”. So, it’s a crap, something like arcade games, and I wanna remove it. So, I went to “My applications” and clicked on “remove”, and a message saying “no more application” appears. Then, I go to my home page, and I see “applications (1)”…Guess what?! “Crazy Chess Games Online” is still there…damn!

[update #2]: So, I’m trying to edit the “About Radu” section in my profile and this is what Orkut says. “The content you”re posting looks like spam, so it”s being sent to the recipient”s spam folder.” , and I can’t save that text no matter what. Pfff…And no, still can’t get rid of that chess application. Hmm…I guess I better delete my account and let Google spam me whenever they thing Orkut could be a good alternative to that FB social network.


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