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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Best e-mail service?!

It’s not an answer, it’s actually a question to whom I don’t have an answer.

So, I’ve been a Google user for a very very long time. My first GMail account was created using an invitation, when GMail registration was not for everybody and you can only create an account using invitations. Me very happy back then. And I’m not only a GMail user, ..I use lots of things from Google, like Picasa, Blogger, Docs, Buzz ..the dead Wave, Reader, Analytics, Maps ..and from time to time, I check if something really changed about Orkut, ..and still nothing, buggy as hell. But lately, GMail started having problems. And considering I use GMail as my primary account, and all my other accounts (Hotmail and Yahoo, using GMX Mail Collector and then POP3 to get it to GMail) go to my primary GMail account, things are getting annoying.

So, there are 2 other well known alternatives, and 1 more people doesn’t know about, or doesn’t have too many users. So, Yahoo is slow, and I hate it because I don’t have IMAP/POP/SMTP support (for the free account) and no docs, and Hotmail looks nice, has a GREAT SkyDrive of 25GB to store whatever you want, but still, their Office Live is crappy. It crashes in my Chromium every few minutes and needs a restart of the app. Oh..and that new alias thing, well, it’s M$, so IT DOESN’T WORK. So, one doesn’t have docs, the other one has ..but crashes, but they have that cool 25 GB SkyDrive storage where you can put almost everything, oh..and the aliases thing doesn’t work. GMail, has great apps, docs, e-mail storage. It lacks a 25GB free SkyDrive, and now, the GMail errors that keep me away from the most important e-mail address. GMX is not an option, that’s because the support is …none, the interface is too fucking heavy for my small EEEPC which I use to read e-mails, but has something like a SkyDrive ..with much less storage..and I’ve seen people using this for a long time, and happy with it. Don’t ask me why…

And there’s Zoho. Zoho is something most of the people don’t know about. It’s very useful, lots of apps, but unfortunately, not much storage – 1GB. And with upgrades, you only upgrade the number of workspaces, not the storage. And I really need storage for pics.

So, any ideas?! I need storage for everything, e-mail, docs, ..reader, something like picasa..