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clustered LVM to non-clustered LVM

I had to re-configure clustered LVM to non-clustered LVM for some Lustre setup I’m working on. Thing is, clustered LVM can only be accessible if clvmd service is running. But I couldn’t start it, because I needed all cluster services down. After searching, I found that:

– to check if the LVM is clustered:

vgdisplay vgsrv1 --config 'global {locking_type = 0}' | grep Clustered
 WARNING: Locking disabled. Be careful! This could corrupt your metadata.
 Clustered yes

– to change it back to non-clustered LVM:

vgchange -cn vgsrv1 --config 'global {locking_type = 0}'

Now, to refresh your VG list type:

vgchange -ay

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